Dr. Marco Pellino, PhD. - Lab Manager

Dept. of Plant Science, University of Saskatchewan

 Dr. Pellino works as lab manager for Dr. Sharbel’s research group. The group’s main research line is the study of apomixis (asexual plant reproduction via seeds) in natural population using evolutionary theory, population genetics, biochemistry and “omics” methods, with the goal of identifying apomixis factor for agricultural improvement.

Dr. Pellino completed his BSc and MSs in food science and technology (agronomy) at the University of Padua in 2007 and 2010 respectively. After his MSc he moved to the Leibniz Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK Gatersleben, Germany) where he obtained, in 2015, his PhD in Biology, studying the evolution of Apomixis of Ranunculus plants. On September 1, 2015, he accepted the role of laboratory manager in the newly formed Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) at the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.