Kanata Earth Genetics


Kanata Earth Genetics is a research company led by some of Canada’s most senior plant biologists and cannabis experts. The main research focus of Kanata Earth Genetics is to engage in long term R&D that will provide a sustainable pipeline for the development of various strains best suited for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, research, and medical industries.

Our science teams are led by Prof Dr Tim Sharbel based at the University of Saskatchewan and Dr. Igor Kovalchuk and Dr. Darryl Hudson of the University of Lethbridge. Their combined work will focus on genome sequencing, high throughput metabolomic analyses and novel reproductive tools for generating and stabilizing particular genotypes/chemotypes of cannabis.

KE Genetics is opening a 10K research centre on the University of Saskatchewan campus; a global leader in agricultural research. KE Genetics has a partnership with the University to conduct cannabis research and development on the cannabis genome and file intellectual property protection on novel discoveries. KE Genetics also has a contractual relationship with the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) to accelerate the development of its research pipeline and to represent their analytical and lab testing services. KE Genetics will provide genetic analysis services as part of this offering. 


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