Dr. Darryl Hudson

Dr. Hudson is a molecular biologist and geneticist utilizing his expertise to optimize cultivation and quality assurance protocols within the cannabis industry with a focus on both quality and safety. Dr. Hudson has helped develop SOPs and QA standards for all aspects of cannabis production including cultivation, extraction, formulation and analytical testing.

He currently operates InPlanta Biotechnology, an advanced research laboratory in Canada focused on cannabis genetics, cultivation and breeding. He has worked to develop optimal fertilizer blends and created healthy alternatives to some of the more commonly used nutrient and pesticide products utilized in the cultivation of cannabis.

Recently, Dr. Hudson was involved in a study pertaining to a large cannabis genome project published in 2015 titled “The Genetic Structure of Marijuana and Hemp”and planted numerous research plots in 2016 across Canada, which will significantly help advance understanding of the plant.

Dr. Hudson received his PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph, Canada in 2010. He is widely published in diverse fields including plant biology/genetics, DNA repair, epigenetics, cancer and cannabis. Following a postdoctoral fellowship with Syngenta developing transgenic rice and corn, he has since dedicated his efforts in the cannabis sector.