Tissue Culture Clone Nursery



Kanata Earth will utilise tissue culture to mass produce pathogen free, viral free, bacterial free, stabilized and true to type clones.

These clones will be grown to a hardened stage of maturity in our nursery for sale to Canadian Licensed Producers, providing them with a time, space, risk and quality advantage, allowing them to increase their flowering space and produce a more heterogeneous crop.

Kanata Earth’s clones offer LPs economic savings in six ways:

  1. An increase in the percentage of flowering space available.

  2. An increase in the number of crop cycles and therefore product volume.

  3. Plants are replicated at a lower cost than traditional methods.

  4. Only female plants are delivered to the grower.

  5. Genetically enhanced plants are less susceptible to pests and disease.

  6. Plant consistency is improved allowing LP’s to create trusted brands.