Kanata Earth is a science-based cannabis company that provides enhanced genetic services and analytical testing to the Canadian cannabis industry.  


Kanata Earth is collaborating with the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) to provide cannabis analytical testing services to Canadian licensed producers. Our Genetics Laboratory also provides genetic services to licensed producers who are interested in genetic enhancement and stabilization, leading to plant breeders rights.

Our seedling nursery will provide tissue culture propagated nursery stock to Canadian licensed producers, improving the quality, efficiency and profitability of their grow. 

“Kanata Earth is building a vertically integrated science-based approach towards cultivation of Cannabis sativa. Advanced scientific methodology is applied to breeding new elite varieties with stable and consistently reproducible traits matching to specific growth conditions, nutrients and light regimes. Innovative approach to breeding and cultivation allows Kanata Earth to bring high-end products to market, be it seeds or clones. Kanata Earth is a unique amalgamation of cutting edge science, technology, production, marketing and management experts dedicated to bringing top strains to recreational and medicinal markets.”  

- Dr. Igor Kovalchuk


World-Class Design


The Kanata Earth brand mark was created by world-class Indigenous architect, Douglas J. Cardinal, O.C., Ph.D. (h.c.); design architect of the Canadian Museum of History opposite Parliament Hill in Gatineau Quebec and architect of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, among other notable buildings. Cardinal originally painted the logo on canvas. He designed the logo in an ovoid shape, commonly used in his curvilinear design aesthetic and iconic in pacific northwest coast indigenous art. The four colours represent the four directions; North, South, East and West and the centre of the icon is White; symbolic of creation and the birth of creation. The Kanata Earth logo is the only logo that Mr. Cardinal has ever created.






Kanata Earth offers genetic development services led by some of Canada’s most senior plant biologists and cannabis experts. We can enhance and augment certain characteristics to customize plant potency and improve stability.

Our scientific team is led by Prof Dr. Tim Sharbel based at the University of Saskatchewan together with Dr. Igor Kovalchuk and Dr. Darryl Hudson of the University of Lethbridge. Their work is focused on genome sequencing, high throughput metabolic analyses and novel reproductive tools for generating and stabilizing particular genotypes/chemotypes of cannabis. 



Tissue Culture Clone Nursery



Kanata Earth will utilise tissue culture to mass produce pathogen free, viral free, bacterial free, stabilized and true to type clones.

These clones will be grown to a hardened stage of maturity in our nursery for sale to Canadian Licensed Producers, providing them with a time, space, risk and quality advantage, allowing them to increase their flowering space and produce a more heterogeneous crop.

Kanata Earth’s clones offer LPs economic savings in six ways:

  1. An increase in the percentage of flowering space available.

  2. An increase in the number of crop cycles and therefore product volume.

  3. Plants are replicated at a lower cost than traditional methods.

  4. Only female plants are delivered to the grower.

  5. Genetically enhanced plants are less susceptible to pests and disease.

  6. Plant consistency is improved allowing LP’s to create trusted brands.